Gift card type

You have decided to make someone happy with a Gift card. Excellent choice!

Frequently asked questions


What is the validity of the Gift cards?

Gift cards have 12 months validity from date of issue.


I want to order a hard copy Gift card. How much time does the shipping take?

We’ll do our best to process your order as quickly as possible. Depending on your location delivery takes between 3 and 5 working days. Delivery is via poczta polska .


I made a mistake in the email I provided when ordering a print-at-home Gift card and didn’t receive it. Can you send it to me again?

The Gift card can be re-issued only in case it has not been used already. For further information, please contact us @ +359 87 867 1100


I received a Gift card - can I give it to someone else?

Before activation: both electronic and hard copy Gift cards can change owners without restrictions but this does not extend the expiration date of the Gift card. After activation: a Gift card can only be used by the Dineout account it has been activated from.


Can I exchange a Gift card for its money equivalent?

No. You can either use a Gift card as a discount from your restaurant bill equal to its value when applied to a regular reservation or as a payment means for reservations for Specials which require prepayment (Events with covers, Tasting menus, etc.). Please note that certain event-related time restrictions may apply for the latter reservation type.


How to use a Gift card for a regular reservation?

In order to use a Gift Card you need to login to our free app and activate it in your account or go to the dineout website.


Can I apply more than one Gift card to a reservation?

No, Gift cards can be used only one at a time.


What if my bill at the restaurant is lower than the value of the Gift card?

In that case you will not get a refund of the diference. Each Gift card can only be used in one reservation.


I made a reservation using a Gift card but want to cancel it - what happens?

If you cancel your reservation in advance the Gift card will be refunded to your Dineout account and you can use it for your next reservation. If you do not cancel the reservation and the restaurant reports you as a “no show” the Gift card will be considered used and its value cannot be reclaimed.