A new Dineout Club
is on its way

The recent developments made us rethink our role in an industry hit the hardest by the pandemic and we are coming up with a new and engaging way to find, enjoy and share restaurant experiences once things get back to normal. And they certainly will. Sooner than it might seem right now.

That’s why we will be retiring the current system for rewarding you when exploring the good restaurants and choosing Dineout for your booking. Until now every booking, your reviews and using our Android and iOS apps brought you points that can then be exchanged for gift cards. You can check the number of points you have by login in your account with Dineout.

When the new program starts we promise to add an even deeper social element to dining more so when dining is social again and let you catch up on all events, experiences and memories you were locked out of.

Frequently asked questions


Do I still earn points when booking with Dineout?

Yes, you will earn points as normal until 31 August 2021.


Can I use points from multiple accounts for one Gift Card?

That is not possible.


Can I split my points into multiple Gift cards?

You can only exchange your points for the highest value Gift card you’ve reached


Where can I exchange my points?

You can exchange your points on this page or in our Android and iOS apps.