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Dani Spartak


Dani Spartak

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    23.02.2020 -31.03.2020

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About Dobra Godina

In Bulgarian Dobra Godina translates as „a good year”. In the past as such was considered a year with a plentiful yield which was able to feed the families. This is a reference to the real food, whose home is Dobra Godina restaurant.

In the menu, Bulgarian tradition and global culinary innovation meet, but in no case one is at the expense of the other. There is a wood-burning stove in the basement of the restaurant, and every component of gourmet plates is prepared using a variety of techniques demonstrating the skills of the team of professionals in the kitchen led by chef Dani Spartak. He graduated from the culinary academy Le Cordon Bleu and later became a personal chef of the French Ambassador at the French Embassy in Sofia. He was also the winner of the first season of the culinary show Hell's Kitchen Bulgaria. Charged with enthusiasm, he creates complete dishes in which the combination of ingredients creates new flavors. With many textures that surprise and give the character to each one of them. Filled with colors that complement and feed the eye and the soul. With colorful fragrances that are sealed for a long time in the memory. The wine list is precisely assembled with the food menu in mind where the Bulgarian wines from small boutique wineries predominate. Here you can find long forgotten and not so popular Bulgarian wine grapes.

Dobra Godina restaurant is the result of the team's belief that cooking is emotion, passion and art. With a stylish and clean interior that creates a lot of coziness, the restaurant warmly welcomes good food and wine lovers.

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